1) Make sure your company is using outdated job application software.
Preferably something that looks like it was coded ten years ago. The worse the user experience, the better.

2) If an applicant must create an online account, then be sure the process is a minimum of seven screens.
It doesn’t matter if the job is only retail -­ make them feel as if they are applying to a government job that requires security clearance. Require them to provide four references, five previous employment locations, and the names of every high school teacher.

3) Mess with them and provide a resume upload, but don’t actually have that populate any of the information fields.
Oh you thought you were finished? Well now you have to manually fix each field if something didn’t copy correctly.

4) Define a width of 500px or less so that all the content is squished.
It’s important to have random white space that isn’t doing anything.

5) Set font­size to 8px or 10px with a line­height of 12px or 14px.
I’m guessing your company don’t offer vision health coverage either. Not to worry because everyone loves reading walls of text in small sizes that run together on the screen.

6) Use light gray font color on a white background.
Futurama Fry

7) Provide several paragraphs that have nothing to do with the job description or requirements.
Even better if the total amount of filler info is greater than the amount of necessary info. Who cares what the job is? Tell me more about everything your company has accomplished!

8) For tables, make sure to put information in the wrong place or omit information altogether.
Think of the experience as puzzle and the viewer has to figure out which title goes with which text entry.

9) Once an applicant views the description for a specific job, make sure they have no way of returning to the search results.
This especially applies if the job is one where they’ll perform the same tasks over and over. Might as well get them in the habit.

10) Provide neither a confirmation screen or followup confirmation email.
Keep your applicants guessing when they press that Submit button. Did it send or not? They’ll never know! Plus, we all know it’s a very long and elaborate process to setup an email system.